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Welcome to Year 3 / 4!

 Spring term 2017

Mrs Hendrie teaches 3/4 all day on a Monday and Tuesday and Miss Blunn on Wednesday to Friday.  Mrs Dyer is our teaching assistant

This term in Maths, as well as number work we will be measuring mass and and looking for symmetry all around us.  Our work on telling the time will be ongoing all year. 

In Science we will be learning about Animals including Humans. In History we will be finding out about life in the Roman Empire.

Our Geography this term will be about Compass Points, Symbols and Keys.


Our main novel this term will be Varjak Paw, the story of a cat who must learn to fight to save his family. Most our writing will be based on these wonderful story and we will of course be focusing on the Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation curriculum.

Image result for Varjak paw 

Year 3/4 children will continue to have weekly recorder lessons.



Each week we have spelling words to learn at home. They are given out on a Wednesday and need to be learned for the following Tuesday. In addition children are expected to use each word in a sentence and bring this completed work on Tuesdays also.

Children in KS2  have Maths homework. This is given out Thursdays to be returned on Tuesdays for marking.



Learning about the Vikings in the Summer term