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​Welcome to Year 5 / 6

Teachers: Mrs Brereton (Mondays and Tuesday mornings) and Mrs Banks (Tuesday afternoons to Fridays)
                         From January to July the class will be split on Tuesdays, Thurdays and Friday mornings when Mrs Watt will be teaching year 5.


Spring Term

In Literacy our topic is stories from different cultures and we will be focusing mainly on "One Thousand and one Arabian Nights". We will also be studying "The Pearl Diver" later in the term. We will base a lot of our reading, writing and art activities around these texts.
In Maths, number work and shape, space and measures topics will be ongoing throughout the year.
In History we will be learning about Early Islamic Civilisation and our Science topic this term is Forces.
Our R.E. topics will be Beginnings and Change.
In Music we will be exploring Sound sources as well as develpoing singing and rhythm skills.


Each week the children will be expected to:

  • Read each night – and note this in their homework diary
  • Practise their times table of the week (tested on Tuesdays)
  • Complete their mental arithmetic homework (marked on Tuesdays
  • Practise and learn spellings (tested on Wednesdays)
  • Complete a class homework task (marked on Thursdays)