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Great Alne Primary School

Parent Pay

At Great Alne Primary School we use ParentPay for all payments to the school whether for school dinners, after school clubs, wraparound care or school trips. We will also ask you to give consent for school trips on ParentPay.  

 We are unable to accept cash or cheques in the Office.  All purchases will need to be through ParentPay, so it is vital that you activate your ParentPay account. 

How to Get Started with ParentPay

The office will send your account activation details, once you receive these:

  • Visit
  • Enter your Activation username and password in the Account Login section of the homepage. NB. These are for one-time use only, please choose your own username and password for future access during the activation process
  • Provide all the necessary information and choose your new username and password for your account - registering your email address will enable us to send you receipts and reminders
  • Once activation is complete you can go to straight to Items for payment, select which item(s) you want to add to your basket and proceed to complete your payment

If you haven't received your activation codes please contact the office.

Payment and consent for school trips

 Letters about school trips and payment requests are issued via ParentPay. 

Places on trips will be secured through payment or a deposit according to the trip.   Larger trips will have an instalment option set up so that parents can pay over a period of time. Details of these will be included in the individual trip letters.