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​Our School Council 

Our objectives

•To enjoy and feel empowered by our education

•To feel that our school responds to our needs and views

•To have the opportunity to let adults know our feelings and opinions and the things which affect us

•To have a say about decisions, and to play an active role in making our school a better place

•To develop life skills through participation


 At Great Alne Primary School our School Council is made up of two children from each year group (Y1-Y6).  All children have been elected by their classmates to represent them. Our School Council meets once a month to discuss a variety of ideas, views and concerns that have been expressed.   There are also occasions when projects are brought to the School Council for consideration.  The school council have a 'Worries and Ideas' box.  It is available for anyone in school to pop their ideas on a note and put it in the box.  At every school council meeting the box is emptied, the notes are read out and the members discuss the ideas to see if there is anything they can do to bring them to life.