Welcome to the website of Great Alne Primary School, Warwickshire.



School governors set the strategy and long term vision of the school and monitor the performance and standards. Governors come from all sorts of backgrounds and the board is made up of people with a range of experience If you wish to get in touch with the school, you can find more details on the contact page. In the first instance, we encourage you to speak to your child’s class teacher about any issues you might have, but in some cases, you may feel the need to contact the Head Teacher or Governing Body.

Great Alne Primary School Governing Board 

The Governing Board consists of up to 11 people. This includes the Headteacher, a staff governor, a Local Authority governor, 3 parent governors and 4 co-opted governors. 

Our role is to offer strategic guidance, rather than getting involved in the operational aspects of a school. This involves: 

  • Working with other board members to plan the school’s strategic direction. 
  • Overseeing the school’s financial performance, ensuring money is well-spent. 
  • Holding the headteacher or school leadership to account.

We meet at least once a term and each meeting focuses on different aspects of the school and the reports governors make back to the whole body. 

We have designated governors responsible for Safeguarding, SEND and Finance and governors who focus on the curriculum, school performance and wellbeing. 

We regularly attend training courses to ensure we are fulfilling all our responsibilities and are up to date with the latest education policies. 


Current Members 

Alex Quinn
Alex joined our Governing body in December 2021 and has been elected as our Chair. He is also a parent governor and chair at Alveston C or E Primary School in Stratford. 

Julie Bevan
Julie lives in Great Alne and is an active member of the village as well as being our Vice Chair. She also brings legal expertise to the school having worked within Family Law for many years.  Julie specialises in Safeguarding and SEND.   

Abigail Hall
Abi joined the Governing body as it was facing the huge challenge presented by the Covid epidemic.  Abi brings her marketing experience to the role and has also previously been a trustee to a Student Union.  Abi feels passionately that the school is the best learning environment it can be for all children. 

Doug Badger
Doug was a social worker for 10 years, and a social work lecturer at Reading University for 25 years.
Doug lives in the retirement village in Great Alne with his wife, Krys. They have two sons who live in Stratford, and two granddaughters aged 7 and 10.
Along with Julie, Doug focuses on Safeguarding and SEND. 

Jo Dunbar 

Jo is our staff governor. She is our lead teaching assistant and runs wraparound care at school. 

Nick Thompson  

Nick is a former accountant and with his expertise leads Finance for the governing body. He lives in Alcester. 

 We are always open to hearing your thoughts, feedback, concerns or issues.

Name Category Position Term Start Term End
Alex Quinn Local Authority Governor  Chair 1.1.2022 31.12.2026
Julie Bevan Co-opted Governor  Vice Chair 1.1.2022 31.12.2026
Doug Badger Co-opted Governor   31.12.2022 1.2.2026
Jo Dunbar Staff Governor    1.9.2022 31.8.2023 
Abi Hall Parent Governor   1.9.2019 1.9.2023
Samantha Moran Warwickshire Governor Services  Clerk    
Karen Rossiter Headteacher  Headteacher    
Nick Thompson Co-opted Governor   1.1.2022 31.12.2026